A Story To Save Our Country

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We’re All Working Together, That’s The Secret.

On implementation for Creating a Constitution on that represent the sovereigns unalienable rights, liberties and freedom to create an accountable government.
People from all provinces and territories now have an opportunity to learn, voice their opinions and actively participate to make changes to policies through our interactive website.https://unifythepeople.ca/
There are organizations and groups across our great nation who working for the people each and every day to bring about crucial changes to the method in which we are governed. The vast majority of these organizations have little or no funding. They are using their own time and funds for the betterment of the future of all people. Now on this site we are working towards the “Silent Majority” developing one common voice.
Every person can participate in “The Movement” and together we will make changes to our country and have the potential of becoming the voice which is heard by everyone from coast to coast. Every voice matters, you matter! Volunteers are needed in every corner of our country and for everything from decision making to meeting organization. Every voice matters! Join the people who are “Silent No More”
We are building a data base of location – province- city and phone numbers-for constitutional conventions meetings – The teams have grown large and coordinated – So please share the information so more become aware of the solution – and why a Constitution is so important –  Become part of the Constitutional Conventions and go down in history as the founders of this amazing document that stopped slavery from the corporation of canada Inc. Learn more meet the Constitutional Convention teams coast to coast
Join us 10 AM and PM 10 Days a week – to join in and meet the teams from coast to coast.
Any Questions please contact Dallas 403 437 1718
Latest video are here what we are working on Please subscribe and we also have moved to Brighteon (FREE SPEECH) and download Zoom to join everyone for discussion  – You do not to create a server we have the software- We just email link, add to FB when we are scheduling the next event – link to connect to – it will ask you to connect voice and camera
We the People Constitutional Conventions Youtube and Brighteon
We The People Constitutional Conventions Coast to Coast – on Facebook and in the pinned post there are links to all the Provinces and Territories
This is a Draft and is updated numerous times a day – Please join in and help participate on this amazing Document — We run Zooms WE THE PEOPLE CONSTITUTION CONVENTIONS from COAST TO COAST Time:  2 PM and 7:00 PM AB Time 7 days a week Join  the  Meeting Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/7926352550  open to everyone –

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