Introduction to the Republic

Did you know we lost our Republic?

What can Sovereigns do to get our Republic back?

What if it’s already been done? Yes, back in 2010 a quorum of Sovereigns from the Provinces came together in educating in each Province and Territory  unanimously to reclaim the Republic lawfully for the Sovereigns.

If the Republic is back why don’t the Sovereigns  know about it?

The shadow government has made sure that the American People don’t hear about and support their Republic in mass.

What are we waiting for?

Republic leadership will continue to reach out and educate the Sovereigns until they understand the benefits of getting our Republic back. The bottom line is that the Republic is waiting for the Sovereigns to demonstrate that they want their Republic back in mass; simple.


In 2018 a miracle happened. Sovereigns from all walks of life banded together and have been educating more about the Republic form of Government. This is not to be confused with The US, Republican, Democrat or any other form of political party. 

Your Republic for  each of Your Provinces and Territories  is already functioning in a lawful limited interim, parallel capacity.

Lawful, because it has been re-inhabited peacefully and lawfully.

Interim, because it is functioning in a limited capacity since the Sovereigns are not yet represented in mass and because a referendum has not  been held.

Parallel, because the Republic for the Provinces and Territories has not replaced the corporate CANADA Inc., but is functioning along side of the current corporate government system.

This was lawfully done in order to restore our rights, our liberties and our freedoms as Sovereigns. If you want more from your government; if you want to be truly free for the first time in your life; If you want your children to enjoy true freedom, then wrap yourself in the dream of our long lost liberty and support your Republic.

Imagine a country where most of your hard earned money is yours to keep. Imagine your rights, freedoms and privacy enforced and upheld in courts. Imagine Politicians no longer exist and and Employees hired by the Sovereigns answering to you. Imagine if your inherent rights were preserved by a government committed to protecting and defending our Republic Constitution.

Sovereigns had a dream of being free and they seized the opportunity by demonstrating courage to make their dreams come true. I believe that Sovereigns in each Province and Territory is still filled with people that are yearning to be free. Working together we can turn their dream into reality once again. 

Let’s make the world a better place to live.


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