Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of The Republic of Alberta

It will be the priority of The Republic of Alberta Sovereigns to ensure that our farmers and ranchers are successful as there are no guarantees with farming due to weather. Also, to ensure the production of all food, drink, timber and other materials are supplied in a timely manner to all local shops, traders and supermarkets.

All producers wishing to sell their products in any supermarket in The Republic of Alberta will need to have their products registered with the Health and Food Safety Committee in every region. These committees would see to the collection of all the best agricultural products, food and drink available from all local farms in that area, and will deal and work directly with the supermarkets in selling these core/basic products; such as eggs, milk, in-season vegetables, fish, fruits, meats, bread and cheese, etc. The local Agricultural committees will ensure all sovereigns can enjoy local, homegrown food year-round and move towards an organic healthy diet.

Alternatively, all local Entrepreneurs in each local community will have the ability to set up their own food and drink supermarkets. Each owner will have the ability to sell all the products produced by farms within their own local community, by the setting up of modern convenience stores. These could be set up in all the local areas to benefit all the sovereigns in their community.

This would all mean that the agricultural, forestry, food and drink industries in The Republic of Alberta would be stable, renewable and self sufficient. This would also mean stable local economies and employment opportunities, and less pollution due to reduced transport needs. Supermarkets would also have real local involvement in the communities in which they are based.

Proper fish markets will also be established in all areas of The Republic of Alberta, which would boost and support the fishing industry and encourage local produce to be used and sold locally.

The Republic of Alberta
Sovereignty Forever

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