Attached you will find a copy of the letter Walter Kuhl sent to R. Levesque regarding the constitutional status of the provinces. It seems that canada is not a country at all but instead we are all sovereign and have the right to draft and ratify constitutions in each province, and we have all been lied to by those who have stolen our natural resources for their own personal gain.

  This is a very serious situation we find ourselves in and we the people are proceeding with our rights and declaring the government of canada inc. An illegitimate government that placed itself in control of our destiny with no accountability or representation of the people.
 I implore you to pursue this matter when parliament resumes and wish for you to join us and take your place in the real canada. Constitutional conventions are already underway across the country and people are becoming aware of the deception which has plagued us for over 89 years. (Since the death of queen victoria even ).
  The ball is now in your court. You no longer have deniability regarding this matter. I implore you to do the right thing and denounce the govt of canada inc.
   Sincerely. Michael hayes



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