Why haven't I received my Confirmation Message?

If you opted to receive information by email, you may have been told you’d receive a confirmation message.

You may not have received it for any of a few reasons:

There may be a delay with your email service provider in placing the message in your inbox
It may have been routed to your bulk, junk, or SPAM folder
There may have been a typo in the email address you entered

In order to begin to receive the information you requested, you’ll need to open the message you were sent and click on the link it contains.  If you haven’t yet received it, you can:

Check your bulk, junk, or SPAM folder to be sure it hasn’t been mis-routed there
Check with your email service provider and your email application for any filters that may be blocking the message
Wait some time for your email service provider to place it in your inbox
Try using another email address that may not have the same delivery issues
After a reasonable period of time, return to the opt in form you used and enter your email address again to have another copy sent
How can I unsubscribe from someone's list?

If you’re on a list that is managed using AWeber, and you want to unsubscribe, simply scroll to the end of the message and click on the last link in the message. It looks something like this:


Clicking “Unsubscribe” will bring up a web page where you’ll see your subscription details. Click the “Unsubscribe” option in the radio button. You will receive a message telling you that you have been unsubscribed.

You may also be asked to provide some details about why you wanted to unsubscribe. If you do, please take a moment to tell the sender why you no longer want to receive information from them.

If you’re still having difficulty unsubscribing, send an email to abuse@aweber.com and let us know you want to unsubscribe.


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