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Climate Change

TJ Hagarty
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I am curious about many things right meow; I am actively learning about our (Canada) political history - stuff that I was willfully ignorant to. I was accepting how life was - I was content with living my life, being another cog to make the wheel continue rolling. I am now very worried for my children's future; it is clearly evident that our country is evolving. It appears we are approaching a pivotal time in our history, and no longer am I content of just being a cog. I see the system, I see the systemic flaws - I don't have the answers, and I applaud your efforts for change.

How does any of this relate to climate change. Well, as I watched unify videos, and dove into the information on this website, I watched Dallas Hill mention how climate change is a hoax - however, there is no information regarding the subject matter in this website.

Now I am by no means arguing with Dallas, but I do not entirely side with his position either. I believe that the world needs to watch the intellectual community (from all sides) sit down and discuss this. This subject has been weaponized and the information contaminated by so many that it is impossible to research and come up with conclusions. It is this very topic that could eventually be the downfall of all of us - for any number of reasons and/or outcomes.

My questions (and apparently more opinions):

Is there an official opinion on this topic with in unify?

What benefit is it to take a position, such as Dallas, in videos and "promotional" material for unify's cause? This to me can only result in the creation of "lines in the sand" - dividing people again. The focus needs to be on the unity against government corruption and the resulting suppression of the citizens' voice.




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