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I have stated before, I am for many of the same things unify is for - what I have uncovered for myself is often echoed within unify's content. 

Forgive me if I have missed it, but I can not find how unify plans to go from concept to implementation of this new system - how will this be achieved without 100% approval? This is what I can not see...

That is my main question.

I do have a major concern with the sentiment that often surrounds this type of discourse. That being the withdrawal people choose, and often encourage,  from our current system as it is. The refusal to partake because of its corrupt and unjust nature only empowers the very corruption.

We need exactly the opposite, we need complete engagement from everyone - ultimately pushing for referendums surrounding reform.

We need change! I agree.

We need to promote unity, I agree - also need to promote participation.

With numbers anything can be accomplished, but I see it being foolish to not "play the game" relentlessly while the solutions are being constructed. 



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