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What is enlightenment?

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What do you think about when you read “what does it mean to be enlightened?”

Do you imagine a saffron-robed monk high on a mountaintop, a yogi sitting in Lotus and chanting “Om” all day long, or performing some prescribed rituals every day?

Enlightenment is the state of being of inner peace, happiness, joy, wisdom, and the satisfaction of all needs and wants.

You don’t become better when you are enlightened. You don’t become anything as a matter of fact. It is actually the stripping away of the labels and judgments that you are used to attaching to everything, and seeing reality for what it is (without the filter of your conditioned beliefs).

A common misconception of enlightenment is that it’s some kind of “higher” state that is not for mere mortals like you and me; that you have to become some kind of special person in order to attain enlightenment.

Actually, enlightenment is your natural state of being. It is inside you, it is inside me, it is inside every single person.


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Great Awaking 

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