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Unify The People Update July 14 2020

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We've been making tremendous progress in a short period of time, and the response from all of you has been fantastic. So many of you have reached out with offers to help. We're working on replying to you all, I know we've been slow! But we've had a large response and we're also juggling a lot of great projects to streamline everything as much as possible so we can get even more done in the long run.


We The People Youtube Channel -

Please share the videos of the Solution


So, we'll be reaching out, but in the meantime, some key highlights! Boots on the Ground Promotion is off to a Great Start! Right Click save file to send to your local printing Thank you to all of you who are getting out and making signs and spreading the word! We've included the ones we have here - spotted in British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Alberta! The offline effort is a key element in our strategy, so get out there and plaster your town. Don't forget to take pictures and share them with us on social media (tag on twitter).


Ontario groups are Unify The People see here:

Posters are up on the Website.   We now have a printable flyer up on the Unify The People website! It's a simple black & white option so you can print them from home. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.



Unify the People's fantastic volunteers whipped this up for us, since so many of you were asking for them. - We put a few options together of our favorite posters/signs of different dimensions to be taken to your local printer for Lawn Signs and flyers to hand out.


We appreciate your hard work! We are trying to avoid unnecessary delays with your BOOTS ON THE GROUND FREEDOM MOVEMENT. More coming soon... In the meantime, if you make any flyers or posters, send them our way! to:


Access all Downloads & Graphics from We The People Page:

We have a much easier Join the movement to get important information and to connect to Unify The People in their local community.

As you're making your banners and flyers and posting online, be sure to send people to the Unify the People website. This is important, because this is how other patriots can find information about what they can do to save their Nations. Current Projects Section on the Unify The People Website This section of the website is dedicated to projects that we're already in a position to handle now (or will be soon), or jobs that we're most in need of, in order to help us help each other.

So check it out and see if you can take on any of those jobs. But don't forget the grassroots promotion plan we sent earlier - these methods are key to spreading the word.

Thank you everyone, we're going to save our Nations by Uniting The SOVEREIGNS!




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