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We’re all working together, that’s the secret. We are creating a Constitution that represents both men & women’s unalienable rights, liberties and freedoms. The Constitution will create an accountable administration that is responsible to the sovereigns. People from all provinces and territories now have an opportunity to learn, voice their options and actively participate to make changes to policies through our interactive website.


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Canada a country without a Constitution

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You Can’t Handle The Truth

Canadians Need to be Educated About Canada’s history



Canadians need to be educated about Canada’s history – this is absolutely key if the people of the Canadian provinces have any chance of taking control of their lives and what belongs to them.

Use the FLYER  to help educate yourselves and others to the Solution. https://unifythepeople.ca/

“Unify The People web site has all the information”
To understand where we are, we must first understand how we got here…
Deep research has unearthed key events, which have both created and hidden the truth of what Canada is, and how you are governed. (Under a Dictatorship unaccountable to We The People)
Event: From the 1700s into the next century, England and France were tense partners representing both Upper and Lower Canada.
General Wolfe’s death in the final battle on the Plains of Abraham in 1759, secured victory for England, the prize ultimately known as, ‘Canada INC ’.
The Treaty of Paris joined the formerly British controlled Upper Canada with France’s Lower Canada into the French legal entity – a Corporation Sole, the ‘Province of Quebec’.
The amalgamation process from 1759 through 1763 seated the first British Governor General within that Corporation Sole, which in 1787 amalgamated all of ‘Canada’ enabling Britain to seat a Governor General to rule over the their Colonies known then as: the ‘Province of Canada’ and New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.
For 80 years between 1787 and 1867, the British placed many Governors General into the Corporation Sole. Issuing Letters Patent, the British Monarchy thereby proclaimed that Governor Generals held the ‘power’ to create and control the government of Canada, as a British Colony.
Event: Delegates from Canada had no part in drafting the British North America Act, March 29, 1867, and no certified copy of this act was brought back to to Canada by the delegates.
The Act was drafted by Lord Thring, Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury.
It is not a Constitution for it constitutes nothing.
It simply emphasizes the power of the Governor-General to appoint and remove a Privy Council to ‘aid and advise’ him and to state that the Governor-General has the power to pass an ‘order-in-council’ by himself individually as the case requires. ( An ‘order-in-council’ is equal to an Act of Parliament.)
One score and two years later the Interpretations Act, 1889, was passed, stating that Canada is a Colony.
This gives the lie to the story of Confederation and brands it as a reductio ad absurdum. ( disproof of a proposition by showing an absurdity to which it leads when carried to its logical conclusion (the carrying of something to an absurd extreme)  Another recent absurdity is that a House and Senate of British Subjects debating the adoption of a Flag and Anthem.
You say you have never heard of this before!
You are not alone in this.
The ‘Dominion of Canada’ meant the British Empire would retain their prize, the Governor General was then able to control all of Canada.
John A. MacDonald, knighted as Sir John A., was ultimately a traitor to the people he represented in Canada. Joining the British mainland colonies, they created the Dominion – Canada East, now Quebec; Canada West, now Ontario; along with New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.
Event: The year, 1868. Through their Royal Charter established in 1670 by King Charles 2nd, the privately held Hudson’s Bay Company employed land usage west of Quebec and Ontario, then known as Rupert’s Land.
In 1868, British Parliament created the ‘Rupert’s Land Act’ to allow the Hudson’s Bay Company to sell use-of-land back to the Monarch, Queen Victoria. The following year, Hudson’s Bay Company finalized the transaction by signing the “Deed of Surrender”. In 1871 Queen Victoria transferred the use of those lands to the ‘Dominion of Canada’, operated by the Governor General to settle the land and create the western provinces, the allodial title would be held by the Court in Chancery for the British Empire until 1931.
Event: The year, 1901. With Queen Victoria’s death, the repeal of Section 2 of the BNA Act came into force, deliberately leaving the Dominion of Canada without a Monarch. To this day the BNA Act repeal of Section 2 has never been re-enacted and the only Monarch it applies to is Queen Victoria.
Event: The year, 1931. British Parliament passed the ‘Statute of Westminster’ allowing their Dominions to act independently. This would allow the said Dominions to federate and create their own Constitutions.
Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa did – Canada did not.
Why didn’t Canada federate?
What does it really mean for us as “Canadians” today?
Follow the money… to learn how certain forces active even today, were determined not to surrender their cherished positions of power. Continuing by way of deception, these forces kept alive the illusion of ‘Canadian Confederation’ and ‘Sovereignty’. This deliberate illusion continued throughout various iterations of the BNA Act, later called the “Constitution Acts” of 1940, 43, 49, 60, 65, 74, 75 and finally, 1982.
Event: The year, 1946. King George VI appointed a Governor General to Canada. In 1947, he commanded the Parliament of Canada to create a commission to write Letters Patent for his Governor General, he then commanded Prime Minister Mackenzie King to sign the new “Letters Patent” on his behalf. The letters patent reference the BNA act, 1867 “Letters Patent” enabling the Governor General to give Royal assent to the Income Tax act 1948.
The Governor General sits in Ottawa and his Lieutenant Governors sit in each of the provinces – to report not to you the people, but to the “Queen in Right of Canada”. Today some statutes created by the various provincial governments or the Federal government receive Royal Accent, the positions of Lt. Governor ., GG and Queen of Canada are simply fictional figureheads with NO standing in law.
Event: 1952 the Royal Styles and Titles act is created by the Parliament of Canada for the Queen of Canada, yes that’s correct the Queen of Canada proclaims through this act, to be the Queen of Canada, not joking.
This should clear up any wonder over why at the inauguration ceremony of 2019, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and all elected members swore allegiance – hand-upon-Bible – to the Queen of Canada and not to the People of Canada. You may now have realized why.
But wait, how does this work… according to the Statutes Law Revisions Act of 1893, Section 2 of the BNA act, 1867 was repealed, so what Queen?
It’s time to discover the far-reaching impact against all of us!
Event: The year, 1982. To prevent people from discovering the illusion, Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau and his Cabinet created the ‘Canada Bill’, delivering directly to the self-styled ‘Queen of Canada’, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, for her delivery of it to the British Parliament to thereby pass it as the “Canada Act”, 1982.
Trudeau would “patriate” the defunct BNA act 1867, to Canada – a photocopy, the original still residing in the UK Parliamentary Archives.
Upon returning, Trudeau convinced all provinces to ratify the deception of the new ‘Constitution’. This was of the utmost of importance, without the provinces ratifying this Act of a foreign parliament it could not become Supreme Law (Law of the Sea) here on the landmass commonly known as Canada. All the provinces with the exception of Quebec signed off. Their problem, the Constitution Act was NOT ratified and has NO standing here on the landmass commonly known as Canada.
The outcome of this adventure saw Trudeau retiring from politics, leaving his mess behind to be sorted out by future politicians.
To ensure the deception was laid to rest, the “Government of Canada” knew they needed to amend ‘The Constitution Act, 1982’. There was the Meech Lake Accord of 1987, followed five years later by the Charlottetown Accord. These accords failed and the “Government of Canada” did not get what it wanted.
As both Accords failed, the federal authority in 1995 let sleeping dogs lie, pretending everything was as it should be. After all, the people of Canada had yet to figure it out.
Today, Canada is not a lawfully established Sovereign Nation.
“Unify The People” is the Solution to create an accountable government for the People by The People.
These fascinating hidden truths will be revealed.
Join The Solution, plenty to learn.
Get Educated to Get Liberated.
How to Create a Lawful Republic Administration

How to Create a Lawful Republic Administration (Hold Constutional Convensions and seat a De Jure Republic)


How and who properly creates constitutions and sovereign  Republic Nation. It requires merely a public consensus about the purpose of the nation and how to best achieve it.

a) First, there has to be a Territory (such as a province, i.e. Alberta) whose sovereigns desire to be a Sovereign Republic Nation.

b) From among themselves the Sovereigns in and throughout their respective territory create Constitutional Convention Committees (which is in the works) through out all the Nations/Provinces and Territories.  Each Committee has Sovereign’s appointed  in each Constitutional Committee Conventions who communicate with other Constitutional Convention Committees through out the Territory. (which is being done in many areas throughout every province)

With internet and the advancement of technology  Constitutional Convention Committees throughout the Territory(s) of a Province with the formulation of a Constitutional Convention to create and Ratify a Constitution. This is a Constitution  of,  “We the Sovereigns for the Sovereigns by the  Sovereigns”  is how the Constitutional Conventions are being formed in every Nation/Province and Territory.

c) The Constitutional Conventions add the information from the  Sovereigns to the draft  and then  gives a draft Republic Constitution to the  Sovereigns for review and public debate, to provide an opportunity for changes.

d) After numerous public debate they work out the changes, after which it is submitted again to the Sovereigns for review and further changes, if necessary.

e) This process is repeated until the Republic Constitution has become a formula acceptable to the Sovereigns.

f) Now the Sovereigns will be able to ratify the Republic Constitution with an affirmation; to accept the Republic Constitution. 

Unify The People has a secure digital e-signature that is transparent on their website to make the process easy for all to read, input ideas, and to Ratify the Republic Constitution. 

g) If the Republic Constitutional draft cannot be achieved, further changes must be made until the Republic Constitution is acceptable to the Sovereigns.

h) The entire process is recorded and documented as proof of the Republic Constitution’s authority.

i) On the basis of the Republic Constitution an Administration is then formed, which is contractually bound (social contract) to respect it and conduct itself in accordance with it.

j) Now this Sovereign Republic Nation can form a federation with other Sovereign Nations, if it wishes to do so.

Note; that no consideration has been given to the manipulative interference from privately owned media monopolies or Law Societies i.e. the BAR.

Note; that the Republic Constitution is created first, then the administrative body and then the courts, to create a Republic Nation for the Sovereigns, by the Sovereigns, of the Sovereigns, it cannot be any other way.

Note; no foreign Nations or entity can formulate (or create) the Constitution of another nation. It has to be created by the Sovereigns themselves and becomes, for all intent purposes, their protected property. It’s not only lawful  but is a contract, which subjugates the Administrative body to the Republic Sovereigns. The Administrative body  derives a limited authority to administer from it, always subject to the Sovereign’s authority.

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Provinces Must Become their Own Independent Republic to Survive


Provinces Must Become their Own Independent Republic to Survive

Unify The People is the Solution to form a New Republic, Non-Affiliated with Any Party, with Non-Partisan Elected Representatives with No Party Affiliation who work for you, or are recalled, and fired, with term limits to eliminate the inherent problems of political parties.

Are you tired of voting for the Globalist party system or the lesser of two evils, only to find out neither truly represents you?

Did you know that none of the Provinces were ever federated and that they are free independent Sovereign territories? This may come as a shock to you at first, but with education and research you will find that Canada is actually a Corporation and is unlawful.

This is great information to end the Unlawful Canada Inc. and very easy to do with a Republic Constitution created by the Sovereign’s and to free themselves from the enormous fraud that has enslaved all the sovereigns in each of the Provinces/Nations from Canada Inc.

Have you ever wondered that no matter how hard we work or successful we are, the benefits of it flow to a handful of a few who benefit?

…and it’s getting worse.

Did you know that a net amount of $50 Billion per year is sent to Ottawa for income taxes to pay off an interest to a private Banking Cartel that has usurped your freedom, Liberty, Property and land.

Things will never change unless the Sovereigns end this Fraud and corruption.  They will only get worse.

$ Billions that never returns to or is spent in our Nations. 100 percent theft and we have a solution to end this fraud by simply creating a Constitution which is Lawful!

…Are you tired of subsidizing foreign Nations of $Billion per year?

Are you ready to find out how you will keep A LOT more of your hard earned money in your pocket and pay no income tax ever on your labour?

Imagine your Future without being extorted every day.
Imagine That!!!

As a senior did you know that your pension may be at significant risk continuing with the CPP with the federal government considering putting CPP contributions into general revenue, and that there is a safer plan and one you can add more benefits to, than you have now?

Concerned about health care cuts with rising budget deficits?

Concerned for the future of your children and grandchildren, with all the chaos and massive open border immigration that is threatening our way of life, that our veterans gave their lives for.



All The Information is here to Join the Solution




Today, there are Millions out of work, millions of homeless sovereigns because of the fraud and corruption of De-Facto Canada Inc. With out of control debt spending, no matter what globalist party stripe (liberal, conservative, UCP, NDP, WEXIT). They all are controlled by an ACT – NOT A CONSTITUTION


Now you see the importance to create a Constitution by the Sovereigns  Families have lost hope, businesses and retirement savings lost, and countless broken families, suicides and crime, with no end in sight.

The Sovereigns way of life for you and your children is being threatened, is entrenched and unfixable, with more and more debt that will enslave us, and it’s just a matter of time before the Globalists dilutes Sovereigns out and strips all the wealth we have, which compromises all the services and benefits you have come to enjoy and paid for, and puts you and your children on a path to higher and higher taxes, with dreams lost and no hope for the future.

Unify The People has the only Solution – Join The Solution


The 3 Problems the Sovereigns Provinces/Nations Face are:

1.  Structural – Sovereigns in the Provinces/Nations are, have never been represented at all levels in this fraud of Parliament and Senate, further entrenched with a BNA Act that they call a constitution, but in fact it’s nothing more than a document that gives them all the power and removes all the Sovereigns Liberty, Freedom, Property and Land rights. Well we have a Solution to end this fraud and corruption.

It’s simple educate the benefits of a Sovereign Constitution


2. BNA Act – Globalist Monarchy Doesn’t Serve the Sovereigns – in Canada Inc.

A parliamentary representative democracy and their constitutional monarchy, is designed for the unlawful government, that promotes control by political elites, foreign interest infiltration, political parties, career politicians, bureaucrats, and alignment of special interests behind political alliances.

3.Cultural – Sovereigns want to be Free from Corruption and Fraud and live a life of prosperity.

Canada political Dictatorship, social and economic interests have always harmed the Sovereigns.

Canada Inc has continued to diverge as Ottawa’s interests, are becoming more aligned with global interests versus the Common-sense principles Sovereign’s holds dear.

Furthermore, the governance of Canada by the political elites and career politicians have always been a charade since day one of the Oligarchy Regime.

Canada political Dictatorship does not  represent the Sovereigns, fiscally prudent, socially pragmatic principles that are common sense to most, instead with astronomical debt levels, out of control immigration policies, and destructive economic and regulatory policies, not in Sovereigns’ interest, both in the short and long term.

Time to end the Unlawful Globalist Political Regime and move forward to Liberty, Prosperity, Property and Land Rights with the creation of a Constitution.


It’s Time for a FUTURE with Creating a Republic Constitution.

Come Join us, Your Future Depends on it


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Here are some important Questions for you to view and answer

Canada it’s long over due to learn some very import facts about its origins which, technically, began with the British North America Act of 1867.

For Canadians, the answers to the following questions should be common knowledge as the content should have been mandatory learning in our education system. There is a reason why it isn’t and Unify The People will expose all of this.

1) Why have the Articles of Confederation not been displayed in the National Archives for the people to see if Canada Confederated in 1867?
Email us YOUR answer travelingtruthtour@outlook.com


2) Why was Canada known as the “Dominion of Canada,” a British colony until 1931, if Canada had confederated in 1867 and was a sovereign nation? Letters Patent, 1947. The Letters Patent Constituting the Office of Governor General and Commander-in-Chief of Canada, usually shortened to Letters Patent, 1947, was an edict issued by King George VI that expanded the role of the governor general, allowing him or her to exercise prerogatives of the sovereign.


3) Why in 1867 was the BNA Act created to be Letters Patent for a Governor General to the Dominion of Canada if Canada had confederated and was a sovereign nation?
Email us YOUR answer travelingtruthtour@outlook.com


4) Why in 1893, would the British Parliament deem it necessary to repeal certain sections of the BNA act, with the “Statute Law Revisions Act” if Canada confederated in 1867 and was a sovereign nation?
Email us YOUR answer travelingtruthtour@outlook.com


5) Why in 1931 would the British parliament create the “Statute of Westminster” to nullify the Dominion of Canada, if Canada confederated in 1867 and was a sovereign nation?
(If we were a sovereign nation, how did Britain have the authority to create ‘anything’ concerning the governance of Canada?)


6) Why in 1946 did a foreign Monarch, King George VI appoint a representative for the UK, a Governor General and then command the Parliament of Canada to create Letters Patent in 1947 for his Governor General, if Canada confederated in 1867 and was a Sovereign Nation?
Email us YOUR answer travelingtruthtour@outlook.com


7) Why did PM Trudeau in 1982 have his Liberal government create the “Canada Act” and then take that act to a foreign Monarch and have her parliament pass that act as the “Constitution Act, 1982” if Canada confederated 115 years earlier and was a sovereign nation?
Email us YOUR answer travelingtruthtour@outlook.com


8) Why do Prime Ministers and other officials when sworn into office here in Canada, swear their allegiance to a foreign monarch, Queen Elizabeth, and not the people of Canada if Canada confederated in 1867 and was a sovereign nation?
Email us YOUR answer travelingtruthtour@outlook.com


9) Why in 1947 did Canadian Citizenship come into existence if Canada confederated 80 years earlier and was a sovereign nation?
Email us YOUR answer travelingtruthtour@outlook.com


10) In 1990, the Constituents of the Riding of J. Littlechild MP (Case Number 9012000725) took the MP to court after Littlechild Promised as part of his Campaign to Vote against the GST. Upon being Elected he voted for the GST. The People lost their Court Case due to the Roman Case being quoted: “It is of the essence of our parliament system of government that our elected representatives should be able to perform their duties courageously and resolutely in what they consider to be the best interests of Canada, free from any worry of being called to account anywhere except in Parliament.” To translate this, the Roman case states plainly that once they are elected to power, they can not be held to account for the promises made during the Election Campaign.
Reference: Click Here


Unify The People has historical Facts to educate Canadians the Solution to end the Lie, and establish a True Sovereign Nation with Liberty , Freedom , Prosperity, Property Rights, and Land Rights..




Our Constitutions contain the following:















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