Interim Constitution of the New Republic of New Brunswick

Moncton, NB

January 14 2021


The sovereigns of New Brunswick have spoken and demonstrated by public protest repeatedly their will to restore lawfulness, liberty, wealth, independence and peace and claim their Sovereignty against a present corrupt and obnoxious ruling class, including incompetent healthcare and education persons. Oppressive law enforcement persons, a court system and other NB services are now identified as acting fraudulently, collecting revenues that are not due to them, in essence theft, as if they are government when in fact and in law they have no authority over the sovereigns whatsoever. To be clear, consent was never asked about breaking the laws of the land and destroying Canadian and NB society apart. We the sovereigns withdraw any perceived support from such systems and individuals of those engaged in harm against us.


Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains…


Rousseau, a prominent philosopher of the French Enlightenment wrote about the essence of social contract, we make a conscious decision to form political association to overcome lawlessness and assure liberty. As we adjust ourselves to harmonize with the freedoms of others we lose some natural unlimited liberty but gain (societal) liberty.

…as we enter into supreme goodwill we are forced to be free. When men agree to refrain from harm to others it requires us to be quite virtuous.


J.J. Rousseau

Age of Reason


The Republic of New Brunswick was convened in Saint John, NB on August 21, 2020. This established a new Republican jurisdiction declaring itself separate from any Crown and Corporation Canada agents and officials and all its unlawful and illegitimate acts, pacts and agreements as well as any and all odious debt incurred by such governances. Our founding Declaration places us the sovereigns of the Republic of New Brunswick as a Sovereign nation consisting of free and self-governing sovereigns.



Our Constitution is the peaceful and moral instrument of natural sovereign law that describes the will and desires of the sovereigns and their vision for the transformation of the future. The foundation of our future is protected by unalienable rights and freedoms coming from our Creator and never from government.  


freedom to worship

property rights

freedom of speech

freedom to assemble

mobility rights

freedom from discrimination

freedom from taxation

right to bear arms, to defend your body, property, home

right to form government

right to negotiate freely with other sovereign nations

right to possess natural resources as a birthright

right to make laws,

right to designate administrations

right to life

right to live with others as you choose



The following laws and measures will be enacted by the sovereigns:


Our Republic is established

The legitimacy of our New Constitution is established as lawful and moral and will be ratified by the following signatures of the Sovereigns of the Republic of New Brunswick so signed. Republic of New Brunswick courts will administer Natural Sovereign Law everywhere in the new nation. 


Freedom from Debt Slavery

All of your former debts, mortgages and taxes are declared lawfully null and void by the Constitution of the Republic of New Brunswick. Any attempt by agents to collect such debts or force such claims on you will constitute unlawful acts and are cause to produce arrests and claims toward these agents for treason and fraud in the Natural Sovereign Law courts of the new Republic of New Brunswick.

All banks, credit and money supply will be placed under control of the Sovereigns through the Republic of New Brunswick.



Income Tax is abolished

Public funds will be raised by assessing and lawfully seizing the assets, lands and properties of criminals, foreign powers and the former corporation known as Canada or any agents causing harm to Sovereigns. Those found breaking the laws of the land will be identified and made claims against by we the sovereigns.



Other streams of income to sustain the Republic of New Brunswick are written within the Constitution such as our natural resources will be under the control of and belonging to the sovereigns. These resources will be reclaimed and managed by Administrators under the direction of the Sovereigns to obtain fees as consulted and voted upon.  Further, the use of trust and heritage funds to establish a sustainable independent economy and to repair infrastructure are available to us.



Sovereigns will exercise direct control over the laws and the courts of the nation by electing its adjudicators, juries and sheriffs. Every Sovereign of the Republic will be educated and be able to understand the workings of the sovereign friendly court system so established as natural sovereign laws. Juries will determine verdicts. No lawyers will be permitted to stand in place of a Sovereign making a claim for justice. 


Direct Democracy

If you are 21 years or older you can now vote in elections every 2 years to Administrations of office and every year in the local municipal administrations. Sovereigns may recall any elected or non-elected public official, adjudicator or sheriff who has violated their affirmation of office or lost the confidence of the sovereign.


Law and Order

Appointment of Sheriffs throughout the Republic of New Brunswick is in progress and their responsibilities of training and making deputies is necessary to protect the Sovereigns and ensure the laws and courts are applied equally for everyone within our nation. Affirmation of Office is required to protect Sovereigns and uphold the Constitution of the Republic of New Brunswick.


Call to Service


There are 5 regions and 15 counties within the Republic of New Brunswick. If you would be interested to be placed temporarily in an administration position until voting occurs. Please come forward now. We require jurors, municipality and regional administrators, holistic health officials, food supply officials to work with farmers, education coordinators to be ready to serve the sovereigns, as well as sheriffs, peace officers and financial leaders. ALL administrators must be free of conflict and corruption and are required to take an affirmation of loyalty to the Republic and

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