The Republic of Alberta Black Gold – clean coal and gas technology for The Republic of Alberta

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The Republic of Alberta Black Gold – clean coal and gas technology for The Republic of Alberta

Coal is still a viable, commercial and clean form of energy when proper clean coal technology is used. The Republic of Alberta has millions of tonnes of known ex-tractable coal left, as well as trillions of cubic feet of known coal bed methane gas alone, all worth tens upon tens of billions of dollars which will provide The Republic of Alberta with more than enough energy. Gas, hydrogen and petroleum can also be produced from our coal supply.

The Republic of Alberta can yet again pioneer in the world, this time with the implementation of clean coal technology; which removes sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particulates from emissions using a system of flue gas desulfurization. The Republic of Alberta’s existing coal stations can be adapted to implement clean coal technology at a minimum extra cost. New highly efficient coal stations could also be built in the short term to raise money for greener renewable energy projects in the long term, the same idea being true in terms of gas-powered stations. A new 2000 MW power station burning clean coal or gas,  for example, will cost roughly 1 billion dollars to build and can potentially make profits in return, depending on fluctuating energy prices, enough theoretically for up to 6 million people and 3 million homes.

Potential new sources of natural gas, coal and oil are also highly likely to be found across The Republic of Alberta and its seas in the near future, all of which will ensure that The Republic of Alberta will not only be energy efficient but also stands to become an even more economically viable and prosperous nation through the regulation and selling of its excess natural energy to other countries if it so chooses, the proposed being one obvious potential future market.

The Republic of Alberta will establish a modern Republic of Alberta Coal Board, Gas Board, Oil Board as well as a Green Energy Board so that The Republic of Alberta officially regulates the extraction and control of all our coal, natural gas, oil, and renewable energy supplies. The Republic of Alberta National Steel board should also be established to safeguard our crucial steel industry and the world renowned expertise that comes with it.

It is important that The Republic of Alberta takes a combined and pragmatic approach to all its energy needs. The Republic of Alberta, clean coal and gas-powered stations can work side by side with new highly efficient tidal and hydro-power sites, all of which will not only provide funds for investing in greener, safer future energies as well as for the self-sufficiency and prosperity of The Republic of Alberta and its sovereigns in general.

A proposed plan for a Nuclear Power station is completely unnecessary. It would make far more sense to build a modern efficient clean coal-powered station instead, using our own plentiful coal supply of The Republic of Alberta. The Republic of Alberta has no need to progress with nuclear power, which is ridiculously expensive to develop and decommission, which has proven known health risks, has very short operational time spans as power stations and poisonous shelf life of thousands of years as nuclear waste.

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