The Republic of Alberta Black Gold – A Gradual Transfer from Canada Corporation to The Republic of Alberta

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The Republic of Alberta Black Gold – clean coal and gas technology for The Republic of Alberta

A Gradual Transfer from Canada Corporation to The Republic of Alberta 

The Republic of Alberta Sovereigns will ultimately be responsible for all our own financial affairs. Our Administrators will settle a transferable economy agreement with the Bank of Canada, where the financial budget is gradually transferred from the International Monetary Fund/Bank of Canada to The Republic of Alberta Treasury. We will propose Starting a Thirty Five (35) Billion Dollar annual fund and coming down by One (1) Billion Dollars a year, until the debt of the IMF/Bank of Canada repays their debt back to The Republic of Alberta Sovereigns. (this will be based on real currency NOT fiat currency) including all welfare and pension payments. Estimated Six Hundred Fifty (650) Billion Dollars has been stolen from The Republic of Alberta at approximately Seventeen (17) Billion Dollars a year, without the consent of the Sovereigns. The Establishment of Canada Corporation and their Political Fraud was Forced upon us through Deception. Canada is a Registered Corporation/Company (under US Securities and Bonds) and not a Country and this company is ruled by Britain’s Queen.

Canada Corporation is headed by a Governor General who is the De Facto (Illegal head) of Canada  Corporation and has been delegated power by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. (WHO NEVER HAD THE AUTHORITY)

Once the debt has been repaid, the Westminster Government will never be aloud to interfere in any form with The Republic of Alberta. A slow transfer of economic reigns would allow The Republic of Alberta time to invest in infrastructure/renewable energy/clean coal energy projects, and build up pension funds. Sovereigns will be completely ready for economic freedom, as is required and signed by the Constitution of The Republic of Alberta. If the transferal agreeance is not agreed upon, The Republic of Alberta Treasury will be obliged to kick start printing our Sovereign Republic of Alberta  currency immediately.

The Bank of Canada was unlawfully removed in 1974 under the Globalist Pierre Trudeau.

The Republic of Alberta
Sovereignty Forever

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