The Republic of Alberta Treasury Fund will be Established to Create our own Currency

The Republic of Alberta Treasury Fund will be Established to Create our own Currency
We want to see a complete overhaul of the financial system in The Republic of Alberta, with the setting up of a Treasury to safeguard and regulate our money. We will be establishing a secure currency. The Treasury of The Republic of Alberta will be separate but accountable to the sovereign, and only they will be allowed to print money. We advocate the establishing of a politically independent and transparent Monetary Committee, separate from any political influence or control, which would advise and recommend how much money will be printed each year by The Republic of Alberta Treasury Fund for the Nation, and by the Treasury for its own use.
The Republic of Alberta Treasury will not print any money without seeking the advice and guidance of the Monetary Committee, which will allow the economy to run smoothly and safely and in line with inflation targets set out by the Administrators and/or Monetary Committee. The Monetary Committee members’ wages would be set by law and they would not be able to receive any bonuses or personal benefit whatsoever from their decisions. The Monetary Committee would base its guidance on sustainable inflation targets and will have a holistic overall view of the  economy, and an incentive to support the national economy rather than to maximise bonuses for themselves.
The Republic of Alberta Treasury would have a yearly cap set each year for all its banking sections, again set with the advice and guidance of the Monetary Committee. Its banking practice could be split six ways; a basic guaranteed current deposit account, a guaranteed pensions deposit account, a sustainable longer term savings and lending account section, a mortgage account section and an insurance section. A speculative banking section would allow the bank to speculate (take riskier financial gambles but not with account holders money), also within a yearly capped limit. All the money kept by the Republic of Alberta Treasury on behalf of the Sovereigns must be backed up by oil, natural gas, coal, gold, silver, metal and other sellable commodities. (the wealth of the Sovereigns Natural Resources)  

The creation of Sovereigns of The Republic of Alberta Credit Branch will be implemented to provide service to all the Sovereigns. (Sovereigns Law will enforce that no Private and Foreign Banks will operate in The Republic of Alberta)  Only the saving/lending and mortgage sections should be allowed to offer/charge any form of above inflation interest rate, which would be reasonable and well regulated and would go towards the general running costs of the bank. The savings and lending accounts section will work by simply using the money from savers and lending it to borrowers (which means that all money will be accountable and  the bank won’t be able to just print money whenever they want and charge interest on money that doesn’t exist) This is basic responsible banking.
The Monetary Committee would also advise how much money The Republic of Alberta Treasury would be able to sell/exchange to independent commercial bankers dealing with the Republic of Alberta, with yearly capped limits, and would also establish a banking code of practice for itself and for all the commercial banks. The Republic of Alberta Treasury system will be accountable to the Sovereigns, rather than the Nation being accountable to the banking system.
Crucially and perhaps most importantly, any money given to The Republic of Alberta by The Republic of Alberta Treasury will be secured by the Sovereigns Committee, this would be non repayable. In other words, it would be debt free and no interest or loan would have to be paid back whatsoever; it would be given, not lent. (This is for all Infrastructure, Business and Administration in The Republic of Alberta)
Upon establishment of The Republic of Alberta Treasury, all Sovereigns of The Republic of Alberta would each receive a lump sum from The Republic of Alberta currency (UNKNOWN AS OF YET  being a guide amount at time of writing) in order to stimulate and kick start  the currency and economy. The sums of money printed by the treasury could be gradual or comprehensive, depending on the transfer agreement of budget agreeance with the the Bank of Canada or not.

The Republic of Alberta
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